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3 Ways To Manage Your Staff After Firing An Employee

Whether it was due to lack of funds, inappropriate behaviour or poor performance, terminating an employee’s position is always difficult.

While the manager assigned to this task has the hard job of relaying the bad news, and the person being fired has just lost their job, this event actually affects the entire workplace.

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3 Quick Tips On A Smooth Employee Transition Process

There are many reasons why you may need to transition a new employee into your team.

You may have let go of a staff member, they may have given notice, or you can have promoted an employee to a senior position, and need to fill that role.

The process of saying goodbye to one staff member while introducing another can be stressful not only for the manager, but for the entire team.

Additionally, it can hurt productivity and the company’s bottom line. Learn More

Why Can’t I Motivate My Staff?

Leaders are responsible for their teams success; however, how do you lead your team to that success? Learn More

3 Quick Tips On Becoming A Well Respected Boss

What characterises a good boss?

Is it a profitable department, low turnover and quality work? Learn More

3 Quick Tips On How To Stress & Infuriate Your Team

There a multitude of articles online detailing how managers can help their staff manage their stress levels.

Certainly, tight schedules, big workloads and an off balance in work-life ratio can be to blame; however, oftentimes, leaders are the very ones responsible for causing their subordinates to worry. Learn More

2 Ways You Can Give Strategic Bonuses To Your Team

Many organisations reward their employees annually with a bonus in addition to their regular salary.

When questioned, most bosses reply that they give out bonuses to thank their staff for their hard work, and improve employee retention. Learn More

3 Great Quotes That Will Inspire Creativity In Your Team

Do you ever walk into your own office to find your employees slumped over their desks, completely uninspired?

Or, have you been receiving the same exact work lately, which is lackluster and boring? Learn More

3 Quick Tips On Fighting Procrastination

If you are a victim of procrastination, you know how difficult it can be to get anything done.

When you know that you have time ahead to complete the task, you will put it off and off until the last minute. Learn More