How To Motivate Your Team Without Money

Paper with Motivated wordingAs a manager, you probably know that motivating your team can go a long way in helping them achieve goals faster and better.

However, when was the last time you made an effort to do so?

Leaders often excuse their lack of action in this department by claiming their budget doesn’t allow them to reward their employees with bonuses or raises.

However, there are so many other, proven ways to motivate your team without money.

Read on to find out two easy ways where you can ramp up productivity and help your workers be more satisfied with their roles in your company.

Create Small Contests

While serious competition can lead to tension and hard feelings, small contests can ignite the fire in your employees to outperform their colleagues.

If you are in sales, see who can outsell everyone else in the next quarter.

If you are in accounting, see who can make the least amount of mistakes in tax returns, and so on!

The great thing is that these contests don’t even have to be work related—why not host an Olympics competition or a reading challenge and reward whoever reads the most books?

Simply getting your employees excited about a common task and then rewarding those who succeed is enough to to get them motivated in other areas of work!

Acknowledge Them Publicly

Other than a very small percentage of extreme introverts, most people love to be basked in glory.

Simply saying thank you to the person is good, but acknowledging their hard work, success and creativity publicly can go a long way in motivating others to act in similar ways.

Some companies accomplish this goal with an employee of the week or month programme where they pick one worker to be featured on a company board.

Others simply share the achievements of top performers in weekly meetings so everyone can hear what others have been up to.

All it may take, however, is sending an email to your entire team to thank someone for going above and beyond their regular role and doing something for the good of the company!

There are really no secrets to motivating your employees without money.

Whether you give them a few extra hours off at the end of the week, allow them to come in early on a Monday morning or simply invite them out for a drink—any action that lets your coworkers know you see them and notice how hard they work is enough to encourage them to work even harder!

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Updated on: 2 October, 2018

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