25 Reasons Why Your Staff Are Leaving

Employee leaving current jobEmployee turnover is a challenge that companies have to tackle to promote productivity, efficiency and employee satisfaction.

When employees get hired only to move on from their positions weeks or months later, projects get stalled and other staff members have to pick up the slack.

If you run an organisation with a high employee turnover, it’s important to analyse why that is the case.

Some reasons may be banal, such as low pay, but other reasons may be quiet surprising to the boss.

Modern employees, millennials specifically, are not as motivated by financial rewards as independence, a creative outlet and a great work/ life balance.

Review the following 25 reasons why your staff may be leaving and see if you can make positive changes to encourage them to stay.

1) They are not challenged.

2) They are not motivated.

3) They are not appreciated.

4) Their efforts are not recognised.

5) Their voices aren’t heard.

6) They are not allowed to be creative.

7) They are not paid enough.

8) They don’t have a good work/ life balance.

9) They don’t have sufficient benefits.

10) They are not allowed to work remotely.

11) They are not encouraged to pitch their ideas.

12) They are never promoted from within, and all management positions are given to outside candidates.

13) They don’t feel connected to their colleagues.

14) Their skills are not developed.

15) They don’t feel that they are part of a team.

16) They are not properly onboarded when they started their employment.

17) The company they work for is staggering behind the competition and is not embracing innovation.

18) They received a better compensation package at another company.

19) They don’t feel like the connect to their company’s vision.

20) They want to work for a company that makes a difference in the world.

21) They are micromanaged.

22) They don’t feel that their boss is involved at all, nor do they care about them or what happens in the department.

23) They don’t like their boss.

24) Their boss never listens to their opinions.

25) They are not empowered to be their best selves at the workplace.

A great strategy is to conduct exit interviews or to reach out to past colleagues (if you have their contact information and they left on good terms) to ask them to explain the reasons they moved on from your company.

This can give you a good and comprehensive understanding of top reasons why you failed to hold unto your employees.

Look for the top trends in the explanations of those who have left and try to address their concerns to prevent others from following in their steps.

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Updated on: 4 October, 2018

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