Appraisal Training
For Managers

Learn how to plan, prepare and run effective appraisal meetings

Appraisal Training For Managers
Learn how to plan, prepare and run effective appraisal meetings

Running Effective & Motivating Appraisals


Unlocking the productivity and potential of employees is a key responsibility of every manager.

With this 1-day in-house course your managers will work through the key stages of an appraisal from what preparation to do before the meeting through to how to structure the appraisal itself.

Your managers will learn how to set objectives, create development plans and what to do after the appraisal has taken place.

The programme also includes the vital skill of giving and receiving feedback

Below are indicative training topics.

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Two people having an appraisal meeting

Indicative Content

Introduction & Objectives

  • Why have appraisals?
  • Purpose and benefits of having staff appraisals
  • What does excellence look like?
  • Barriers to effective appraisals – what gets in the way?

The Appraisal Process

  • Understanding the appraisal process – walkthrough and key points
  • Your role and responsibility as the appraiser
  • Clarifying the stages required for both yourself and your team member during this process

Planning & Preparation

  • Preparing the appraisal plan
  • Fairness and equality
  • Information gathering and evidence supporting the data
  • Relating the appraisal information to the organisation’s staff appraisal and development plan

Running Effective Appraisals

  • The DNA and structure of a successful meeting
  • Good communication and balanced discussion
  • Questioning and listening skills
  • Providing clear and specific feedback
  • Overcoming resistance and handling uncooperative appraisees

Managing Performance

  • Reviewing good performance
  • Dealing with poor performance – identifying the causes and exploring this
  • Objectives – setting clear objectives and using SMART techniques
  • Appraisee development – defining areas for development
  • Creating a personal development plan
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All of our management training courses are CPD Certified.

This means that all participants will receive a CPD Certificate after taking this course.

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