MTD Apprenticeship Complaints Policy



Management Training & Development Limited (MTD) is committed to providing high-quality services and we will resolve any problems in our services as quickly as possible.

MTD place feedback from people who use our services at the heart of our work, because every concern is an opportunity for us to improve the quality of our provision. We also want to hear about positive experiences so we can highlight good and outstanding services.

We take complaints seriously – and we expect our staff to do so too. The apprentice induction process describes complaints handling. Poor practice will be found and acted on. Good practice will be shared.

We work to make it easier to give us good quality feedback, and work with our staff/associates to improve learners experience.


This policy applies to all apprenticeship provision delivered by MTD. We want to provide good-quality services for everyone, but things sometimes go wrong. If they do, we need to know about them so that we can put them right and learn from them. This will help us to improve our performance.


We will make it easy for learners/apprentices to make a complaint by doing the following.

Giving you the chance to make a complaint:


We define a complaint as ‘an expression of dissatisfaction concerning the provision of an apprenticeship programme when the complainant has drawn his or her concern to the attention of their trainer, coach or the centre and is not satisfied with the response’.

Formal appeals are excluded from the complaint procedures (see Appeals Procedure).

If you want advice before making a complaint or taking a complaint to the next stage, we will be happy to help you. We will not register a formal complaint unless you ask us to.


If you experience problems with any aspect of our services you should contact the Head of Client Support as soon as possible so that we can act quickly to put things right. It is essential that you act immediately if there is a possibility that your progress will be affected by any problem you have experienced.

We cannot accept responsibility for problems that affect the outcome of your programme if you delay telling us about them until it is too late for us to put things right.

If you have told us about problems and you are not satisfied with our response, you are entitled to make a formal complaint.


You must make your complaint within a reasonable time following the matter that prompted your complaint. This should be no more than three months after completion of or withdrawal from the programme in which the complaint arose, after which your complaint will be considered to be ‘out of time’, save in exceptional circumstances that prevented you from making a submission. Ideally you should make your complaint as soon as possible, to enable us to investigate and respond to your complaint in a timely manner.

MTD is committed to dealing with all complaints as quickly as possible and will normally follow the time limits set out in this procedure. You will be informed of any delay and the reason for it if one should arise.

Stage One
The complaint should be submitted to the Client Support Team in writing by post or email. You should expect to receive a reply within 10 working days of the Centre receiving your complaint. If we cannot give you a full reply within that time, we will tell you when we will be able to do so.

Stage Two
If, when you receive our reply to your complaint, you are not satisfied that we have done everything possible to address the matter, you can ask the Head of Client Support to review your case. You must put your complaint in writing, including:

  • full details of your complaint and all matters related to it
  • copies of any previous correspondence with us related to your complaint
  • the reasons why you are dissatisfied with the initial resolution offered
  • what you think we should do to resolve your complaint

An acknowledgement of your complaint will be sent within three working days of receiving it. The Head of Client Services will send you a full reply within 10 working days of the date of the acknowledgement letter or, if that is not possible, contact you again to let you know when you can expect a full reply.

Stage Three
If, when you have a full reply from the Head of Client Services, you are still not satisfied that we have done everything possible to answer your complaint, you can ask for it to be referred to the Managing Director of MTD.

You must clearly set out the reasons for requesting a review and enclose any additional evidence in support of your complaint. You should also explain what you would like to happen to resolve your complaint.

MTD will acknowledge your request within three working days.

The Managing Director will investigate whether we have handled the matter fairly in line with our policy and procedures, and whether we should do anything else. The Managing Director will reply to your complaint within 10 working days of the date of the acknowledgement letter or, if that is not possible, contact you again to let you know when you can expect a full reply.

The Managing Directors decision is the final decision on behalf of MTD.


We will:

  • deal with all complaints within the time limits set out in this procedure
  • make sure that we deal with all the points you raise, and that our replies explain the outcomes clearly
  • handle your complaint confidentially and only give people the information that is needed to carry out a proper investigation and make a full response
  • make sure that no complaint you have made in good faith will be used to your disadvantage in the future
  • always be polite

If you are making a complaint, you should:

  • give us full details of your complaint in writing
  • always be polite


Apprentices have the right to express dissatisfaction with the services they receive from MTD. Apprentices using this policy can expect to be treated fairly and without discrimination.

As part of the Prevent strategy we promote the Fundamental British Values to reflect life in modern Britain. These values are Democracy, Rule of Law, Respect and Tolerance, Individual Liberty.
Fundamental British Values underpin what it is to be a citizen in a modern and diverse Great Britain valuing our community and celebrating diversity of the UK.

Fundamental British Values are not exclusive to being British and are shared by other democratic countries as a way of creating an orderly society, where individual members can feel safe, valued and can contribute for the good of themselves and others.

These will mirror our principles and values and all the work areas that we support. These will occur throughout ours programmes and will be promoted by all staff.


The Complaints Procedure shall be:

  • Discussed on training courses
  • Included in the apprentice induction booklet
  • Available on the MTD website:
  • The web link will be given to every learner as part of the induction process


Education and Skills Funding Agency Complaints: