3 Reasons Why Leaders Fail

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The difference between being a successful manager or an unsuccessful manager is the ability to be a leader. Teams rely on their manager to take the lead knowing that they can follow with confidence.

In this article we look at three key aspects of leadership that will give confidence to your followers.

1. They Are Not Clear Where They Are Heading

The best leaders have a clear picture in their mind’s eye about what they want to achieve. The route may not yet be detailed and may make different turns along the way. The difference between managers and leaders is that leaders are constantly correcting their course rather than blindly following an incorrect one just because it was in the plan!

Sharing the final destination with the team will help them to make the required adjustments even if you are not there to tell them. This is a true mark of a good leader that the team can also think for themselves knowing that they are clear of what the leader wants and having the confidence of their leader to make the best decision they can.

2. They Pay Little Attention To Their People

Leaders appreciate that they can achieve more by valuing every single member of their team from the most junior to the most experienced person. Showing that every person has an important part to play and that they are reliant upon each other generates a greater power. This power is much greater than just the sum of all the skills.

Great leaders take time to fully understand what skills, ideas and experience they have and to find ways to really bring them out. Trusting people to get on with the job they are asked to do and then supporting them when they struggle will develop a senses of loyalty and recognition leading to a highly motivated team.

3. They Don’t Take Action

Once you are sure where you are going and that your people are with you then the only thing left is action. Take time to plan ahead and anticipate what might happen. Lead by example and show the way forward. If things don’t work out as planned be ready to do something about it. Demonstrate by your actions that things can be achieved if you are prepared to have a go. Share your experience and way of thinking and help people to learn.

Being a leader can be challenging as many people are relying upon you. The secret is to bring people along with you on your journey and having the courage of what you believe in.

Constantly learning as we go and using the knowledge of your team will help you navigate the way ahead.

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Updated on: 10 June, 2013

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