3 Ways To Eliminate Nerves In An Interview

Nervous interviewee with managerIf you are looking for a new job, the most crucial part of the process you need to prepare for is the interview.

Whether you feel that you are a pro at meeting with potential new bosses, or you haven’t tried to get a new job in a while, every single interview is unique and requires diligent planning.

Make sure you have all the documents you need to bring to the interview, and practice what you will say about your past experience and future plans.

Follow these tips to eliminate your nerves in a future interview:

Documents – Depending on what position you are trying to get, you need to prepare all necessary documents to bring to the interview.

Start with updating your CV to reflect your most recent work, contact information and title. If there is an application that the new organisation requires you to fill out, make sure to do that accurately and bring it with you.

Furthermore, if you have a portfolio of your work, such as samples of art or marketing copy, gather all of that, as well. Put all the documents into a folder to be taken with you to the meeting.

Research – Even if you feel like you are the perfect candidate for the position, you should still take the time to research both the job and the company.

Peruse the business’ website to learn what the mission statement, goals and history are.

Browse the company directory to learn who you may interview with, and try to see who you may be working with should you get hired.

Furthermore, look up the company on the web to read their latest news or accomplishments, such as prestigious business deals, that have recently been made.

During the interview, the more you show you know about the company, the better you will look to your prospective employer.

Appearance – It is very important to look professional for the impending interview.

Assess yourself to see if you need to make an appointment to the hair or nail salon.

Look through your closet to make sure you have a business suit you can wear, and that it fits well. If not, invest the time and money to purchase a new appropriate outfit for your interview.

On the day of the interview, make sure to look neat and presentable.

Interviews are often nerve-wracking experiences that cause stress before and during the process.

However, if you do your due diligence to prepare for them, you can relieve your nerves knowing that you have nothing to worry about.

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Updated on: 4 March, 2015

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