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man with red book

This Book Will Transform Your Managerial Performance…

man with red bookReading books on management topics is one of the best ways that leaders can constantly better themselves by freshening up their management skills.

A great book to consider reading is called One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson.

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Golden key with Knowledge Empower

2 Great Reads For Managers That Will Empower Yourself To Succeed

Golden key with Knowledge EmpowerDo you want to succeed in life?

Do you feel like your current status quo is not the be all and end all for your career? Learn More

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Book Review – Managing by Henry Mintzberg

Henry Mintzberg’s book ‘Managing’ has received excellent reviews, and it’s got a good slot in my bookcase. The management guru talks about popular but false views about Henry Mintzberg book cover the nature of managerial work, separates fact from myth, and provides the best information yet published on what managers do and how they do it.
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Management Teams – Why They Succeed Or Fail

Team Effective teamworking is seen today as the key to success in many organisations. Meredith Belbin identified the characteristics of people needed to make up a successful team.

His recommendations are still used today, so if you have to build a team, his ideas may well prove useful, nearly 30 years after his great book was published. Learn More


Searching For Excellence In The 21st Century

binoculars‘In Search of Excellence’ is one of the most popular management books in recent years. It created the momentum for other business books and established customer service as a key form of differentiation and advantage.
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List Of Indispensible Qualities Of A Leader

21In his great book “21 Indispensible Qualities of a Leader”, John Maxwell describes what he considers to be the essential elements that make a great manager and leader. He has studied management for nearly 25 years and has come up with this list of qualities that I think optimises management skills just about perfectly.
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Book Review – The High Impact Middle Manager

book coverI’m just coming to the end of an excellent book on Middle Management, so I thought I’d share the details with you. It’s seldom that we get a book that covers so much detail in such an interesting and effective way, but ‘The High-Impact Middle Manager’ by Lisa Haneberg does just that. Learn More