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Female employee with high job satisfaction

3 Ways Empowerment Can Lead To Higher Job Satisfaction

Female employee with high job satisfactionThe term empowerment is being thrown around a lot these days in corporate meetings and management trainings, but when asked, not all managers can precisely answer what it is.

Some believe it is delegating while others rewarding their staff members.

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Empower Encourage Motivate

The 3 Main Benefits For A Manager When Empowering Your Staff

Empower Encourage MotivateThere is so much advice for managers on how to empower their staff.

Sources explain how this process can reduce employee turnover, raise moral and productivity and create a better company culture.

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Businessman with strong shadow

How To Empower Your Staff Through Open Questions

Businessman with strong shadowA professional relationship between a leader and employees is akin to all other relationships; as such, communication is essential to their success. There are various components to this, such as minding nonverbal communication, cultural differences, listening, etc. Learn More

Demotivated business people

3 Quick Tips On Empowering Employees With No Motivation

Demotivated business peopleUnmotivated employees can cause many problems for managers.

It is difficult to accept the lazy attitude of some, while seeing the determination and self-motivation of other staff members who don’t need to be told what to do at all. Learn More

The Sky Is The Limit road sign

3 Essential Components Required For Employee Empowerment

The Sky Is The Limit road signIf asked, most managers would probably answer that they believe their staff feels empowered. Learn More

Pencil rubber erasing word mistake

The Top 3 Employee Monitoring Mistakes

Pencil rubber erasing word mistakeMany managers are monitoring the employees that report to them by keeping track of their phone and internet usage, conducting searches, and even videotaping their activities at work. Learn More

Businessman with five stars

10 Steps To Empowerment

Businessman with five starsYour team can offer valuable assistance in achieving your goals and objectives, but only when they are given the opportunity to do so. Many managers are reluctant to offer more power to the team because it is risky and diminishes their control. But it is also motivational and offers more opportunities for growth and advancement.

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When Staff Don’t Want To Be Empowered

OK, you’ve made all your plans and you’re convinced that your staff will be receptive to your new ideas.

So you decide to delegate some responsibility to your team, knowing that this level of empowerment will be grasped by all of them, as they are all striving for more responsibility and challenge.

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