How To React When An Employee Hands In Their Notice

Employee quitting with office itemsAs managers, we rely on our staff to conduct the daily tasks needed to run the company. Most managers are aware that it is vital to show employees how much they are valued, and provide employee rewards to promote retention.

However, it is not always possible to prevent an employee from leaving the company.

If you have been served with a two week notice from a staff member, no matter how panicked or rejected you feel, utilise these tips to react gracefully.

Entice them To Stay – Some leaders believe that when a team member has decided to leave the organisation, they take it they are no longer loyal to the company. However, that is not always the case. Oftentimes, employees simply accept better offers, either in terms of compensation or position. If you truly value your staff, don’t get mad that he decided to leave; do everything you can to ask him to stay. Ask the individual to come in for a one-on-one meeting, and explain how indispensable he is to the firm. Ask him if there is anything you can do to entice him to reverse his decision. If he brings up the better offer, make him a counter offer that he cannot refuse.

Be Nice – No matter how upset you are that the employee has decided to part ways with your business, remember to be professional and nice throughout the process. Some companies make a big show when a team member quits, shutting down his access to the computer and files immediately, and even calling security to walk him out of the building. There is usually no need for this display; instead, allow the individual to work until he decides it’s his last day; this will benefit you because it will provide you with the time required to find a replacement.

Celebrate – Try to step out of the situation, and be happy for your employee who is going after a new opportunity. Think of how your coaching and management has opened up new doors for this person, and celebrate his milestone. Consider throwing a goodbye party with other employees, or invite the individual to a one-on-one dinner. Tell him how proud you are of him, and let him know that the door is always open should he choose to come back at a later stage.

You never know whose path you will cross in the future; therefore, don’t burn any bridges with people you have worked with.

Although you may be their manager now, no one can predict what will happen down the line in either of your careers.

This individual can end up becoming a valuable asset; therefore, make sure to react gracefully when he gives you his two week notice.

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Updated on: 2 September, 2015

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