How To Transform Your Company Into A ‘Role Model Firm’

Cartoon figure standing out from the restWhether you are flipping through a business magazine, or reading the latest industry articles online, you undoubtedly come across certain organisations that stand out from the rest.

It is hard enough to keep a firm in business and profitable, much less to make it the envy of industry peers.

However, many companies across all industries do so, for one reason or another.

But what truly makes an organisation great?

In this article, we break down three innate qualities of a role model firm to inspire you to change your workplace for the better.


One of the things that makes exceptional companies stand apart from all the others is a clear and realistic vision.

No matter what the goal may be – greater profits, philanthropic initiatives, global change, franchising, becoming a market leader, etc. – that image is constantly drilled into the minds of every single employee.

It is true that the founders or upper managers of the firm create the vision, but they should not be the only ones exposed to it.

In order for a firm to operate in unison, working for a common goal, the vision must be shared with all staff members.

Although different departments will need to focus on various aspects to make the vision a reality, all employees need to understand and be inspired by the drive to make the plan come to fruition.


There are a multitude of similar companies worldwide that sell the same product or offer the same service.

However, there are firms that do so standing out from the rest as market leaders, and others who simply trail behind.

Every role model company has a uniqueness about them that make their success soar.

That can be an exemplary product, but it can also be stellar customer service, an exemplary social initiative, or generous employee programmes.

Regardless of what that edge is, it typically takes more time and money to run these programmes.

Therefore, companies should evaluate whether clients would end up receptive to it enough to make up for the financial investment.

For a short video on how to create a high performing team culture, please click here

Customer Service

In the end, it is the customers that make or break every single business; therefore, a stellar customer service strategy must be in place.

Nowadays, clients are looking for the easiest way to purchase items, whether it be online or delivery with quick turnaround times.

Many firms are offering cutting-edge customer service experiences with same-day delivery (Amazon now) or free returns (Nordstrom).

Consider this to transform your business into one that is a hit with your clients.

Different strategies make different companies succeed or fail; however the three aspects outlined in this article are really the groundwork for any business that will eventually become a role model for others.

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Updated on: 10 February, 2016

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