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Managing Personal Tasks

To Do

The 6 Most Important “To-Do’s” Of Any Successful Manager

To DoYour schedule is likely already overflowing daily and you don’t have enough time in the day to cross all of the items of your list.

The title of this article may make you even more overwhelmed by asking you to do add more items to your to-do list; however, it will make you more successful and more efficient, we promise!

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Business woman working

3 Quick Tips On Running Your Business Whilst On Holiday

Business woman workingTo most people, going on a holiday conjures up images of relaxation, fun and excitement.

However, to most managers, it also brings up feelings of dread for leaving the office without anyone to run it. Learn More

Working Day

Whether You Are An Early Bird Or A Night Owl Is Genetic!

Working DayNow I am an early bird, I prefer to get up and get things done. I hate lateness and lazy attitudes from others first thing in the morning. I consider night owls to be somewhat lazy people and non-conformist but according to latest scientific research by neurogeneticist Dr Louis Ptacek of University of California “Whether you prefer being up at dawn or burning the midnight oil depends on your genes” Learn More

Time For You

The Calm Within The Storm: Finding Peace In The Workplace

Time For YouIn the midst of a busy office sometimes managers need to find peace and quiet in order that they can perform their strategic planning.

So how can we achieve this? In this article we look at actions we can take to create ‘space’ for us to think and plan ahead. Learn More


How To Resist Reactive Firefighting And Get Results From Proactive Planning


A good friend of mine is a firefighter. He often keeps us enraptured with his tales of daring rescues and heroic bravery. Learn More


How Focus Can Get Results

FocusIn a recent article on FOCUS, we outlined the five ways that focus can gain effective results. By aiming specifically at a goal, it’s like aiming a laser beam at a target; you go straight for the heart of the matter and identify how the means will achieve the end result.

Well, to back this up, let me ask you a question.

Do you remember the old circus with the lion tamer?

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Accomplishing Your Goals May Be a Matter of Focus

focusIn order to accomplish your goals, it’s important that you are able to keep the steps to achievement uppermost in your mind. Here’s a quick acronym that will assist you in maintaining your momentum.

Think of the word FOCUS.
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Minimise Interruptions to Maximise Productivity

Time Managment CloudHow many times are you in the middle of something important and you get interrupted by a person, an email, a phone call, or some other request for information? It breaks our momentum and mental focus. It causes us frustration. And it tests our resolve when it comes to sticking to something more important. Here are some solutions to this never-ending concern that you face every day. Learn More