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Your Weekly Sales Meeting – A Time For Action Or A Time To Sleep?

team in office

Driving home from a sales meeting recently, I was thinking back on how one person was constantly on his blackberry, dealing with emails (or maybe playing games…I don’t really know) and certainly not actively partaking in the meeting.
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Talking about Price

Whether you’re working with a new customer or an existing one you’re going to have to talk about price at least once or twice. The problem, especially today, is that most people are incredibly concerned about their finances and most are looking for way to cut back instead of ways to spend more.

Your first instinct may be to lower your price but that course of action is really going to hurt you more than it will help. First, it tells your customer that your product isn’t really priced correctly to start with. After all, if it were you wouldn’t be able to give a discount. Second, it will leave your customer expecting discounts from you in the future – with every transaction. Learn More

Using the Holidays to Your Advantage

The holidays are a great time of year, especially if you are in sales.

Yes, you heard me correctly. I refuse to believe that the holiday season is an acceptable excuse for anyone – whether in customer service, management, or sales – to slack off. You should be just as productive as ever, even if that means changing your angle of attack. What do I mean? Learn More

Have You Fired a Customer Lately?

As a salesperson, or sales team leader, it is important that you recognize exactly when a customer has crossed the line from profitable to draining. While it is important, from a customer service aspect, for each customer to feel as though he’s your largest client, the truth is that you should be spending most of your time attempting to retain the clients who are the most likely to make repeat purchases. Otherwise, you’re simply spinning your wheels and your book of business will never grow. Learn More

Advertising Tricks: AIDA

We don’t often talk about sales on this blog but if you are the manager of a sales team you’ll need to make sure you are familiarizing yourself not only with tricks for managing your team’s personnel but for managing their work and guiding their successes as well. One of the most common sales tricks used to help new salespersons is the acronym “AIDA.” AIDA stands for Attention, Desire, Interest, and Action. Learn More

Managing Your Sales Teams: 5 Tips for Success

Managing a sales team is a unique task. The job performance of a salesperson is measured much differently than the rest of your office staff, and those on your team may be feeling a different type of pressure due to their pending quotas and goals.

There are five things most salesmen do not do, however, that hold them back from making sales. Incorporate these 5 tips into your management training sessions and you’ll quickly begin to see improvements. Learn More