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8 Project Management Techniques For Project Leaders

projection -initial preparatory stage in construction new building
Leading a project these days is a lot more complicated than ever before, as you have to deal with so many constraints, different people’s demands and a time-scale that is often shorter than you would like.
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Technical Skills For Management

Technical Skills For Effective Management


While it may not seem important to some in management, a lack of technical skill will result in ineffective results when it comes to completing your own day to day tasks while at the same time guiding your team.

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The Difference Between Leadership And Management

Leadership And Management – What’s The Difference?

earthWe are often asked whether a person should show management or leadership skills in the workplace.

This uncovers a dilemma and a misunderstanding of what the two terms mean. It shouldn’t be a case of ‘which one should I show?’ It should be ‘When should I lead and when should I manage?’
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What Are The Effects Of Globalisation On Business

The Effects Of Globalisation On Business

earthWhat’s the current and future impact of globalisation on business?

How does globalisation affect businesses and what response should we offer?

We’ve seen such a growth in globalisation and its tentacles will only keep spreading as we go through the 2020s
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Emotional Intelligence Word Cloud Collage, Business Concept Back

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

DiscussionLeaders with high levels of emotional intelligence (EQ) have a greater propensity to value themselves and others, which is vital if they are going to get the best out of themselves and their teams.
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Different Types Of Interpersonal Roles

The 3 Different Types Of Interpersonal Roles

DiscussionLet’s take a closer look at a manager’s interpersonal roles.

As a manager, your interpersonal roles will be dictated by the type of position you hold.

Lower level managers will have different interpersonal roles than middle management.
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Tips For Managing A Virtual Team

Managing A Virtual Team

Abstract People Connection Technology Concept With Dotted WorldWhen I was managing people within a busy financial institution, every single person who reported into me was within shouting distance!

It was easy for me to get an instant update on the status of a particular account or where a specific project was stalling.

I simply walked out my office and spoke face-to-face with the team member.
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Reasons For Organisational Failure

The 4 Main Reasons For Organisational Failure

Try Fail SuccessThe only constant in business is change. I’m sure you’ve heard that statement many times.

And one of the main reasons why organisations stagnate and fall is because of the lack of understanding about this simple philosophy.
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