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Work/Life Balance

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3 Absolute Must-See Movies For Every Entrepreneur

remote controllerMany entrepreneurs look for inspiration in their management styles – from books, seminars and blogs.

Tips on running your business, dealing with staff, making decisions and learning better ways to communicate can come from any source, especially ones that you can enjoy, such as movies! Learn More

Inspired With Cup Of Fresh

3 Things ALL Successful People Do At The Weekend

Inspired With Cup Of FreshThere are so many articles with advice on how successful people work – tips on how to organise one’s time, how to delegate, how to make decisions and how to lead others – but what do these individuals do on their time off?

Are their weekends filled with different activities than the rest of us? Learn More

Filling Up Glasses For Party

How To Throw A Christmas Party Nobody Will Forget

Filling Up Glasses For PartyEvery year,  employers have the same problem, how to top last year’s Christmas party.

This event allows you to show your appreciation for your staff’s hard work all year, and allows them interact with their colleagues in a stress-free environment. Learn More

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How The Overworked Professional Remains Fit & Healthy

Hand gester and wooden blocks with OKWhen you were younger, you may not have thought about your health.

You likely did not need to exercise because you were running between classes, and on the weekends you may have played rugby with your mates. Learn More

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How The Busy Professional Manages Their Personal Tasks

Man holding digital work life ballIf you are one of the many professionals who barely make it home for dinner, and often spends weekends at the office, you are aware that this lifestyle leaves very little time for personal errands. Learn More

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How To Enhance Your Employees Work-Life Balance

Man holding digital work life ballDespite a European directive that mandated to regulate maximum work hours, many Britons are still spending the majority of their time at work. While some employees are compensated for their time, others are not. This leaves some workers struggling to meet their professional and personal needs. Learn More


Need A Confidence Boost Or A Lift When Feeling Down? Try This Technique.

Sad to Happy   Even positive ‘glass half full’ people like me can get down on occasions. Despite our best laid plans things can conspire against us, leaving us demotivated and even depressed. These memories of times of trauma in our lives (where we have felt intense negative emotions and ‘pain’) tend to fade much slower than positive feelings. As a result of this when things do go wrong we automatically remember other negative experiences and this adds to our current state of mind. Learn More

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Success & The Mexican Fisherman- Video Blog

What is the definition of success? Have you ever thought about it? Have you ever taken the time out to find out what your staffs definition of success is? Learn More