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Change Management Training – Content Ideas

Get Buy In For Change & Lead Through It

Change is the only constant!

In today’s business environment organisations are either changing or they are becoming extinct. But how many organisations can actually say that they manage change well? Not many!

Our change management courses are designed to make sure that new change is implemented and managed in such a way that it becomes a way of life.

With the help of this course, your managers will learn all there is to know about how to manage, communicate and get buy in for change from their people to make your change initiatives a success.

Below are indicative change management training topics.

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Indicative Content

Change Management Course Example

The Business Case For Change

  • What is meant by “Change” and “Change Management”
  • Why change? Why now? Different types of change
  • The causes and drivers of change
  • Challenging the status quo
  • The pros and cons of change

Your Role Within The Change Management Process

  • Understanding how periods of change can impact your team and the wider organisation
  • Understanding how you can support individuals, teams and the wider organisation during periods of high-pressure and change
  • Leading by example and role modelling in periods of high-pressure and change. Leading positive change

Managing Change Successfully

  • Critical success factors – delegates identify best practices, plus tips and techniques to ensure successful change implementation
  • Having and developing a positive attitude to the benefits of change
  • The change SUCCESS model and Kotter’s 8 steps to change – 2 extremely practical change models to consolidate the learning
  • The psychology of change – why do we fear it? The human mechanics behind the change process
  • The change curve and helping people move along it – where is my team and what does that mean?

Creating A Change Plan

  • Being prepared for change – getting buy-in for change and communicating change in the right way at various levels
  • Communicating change successfully:
    • A change communication exercise, using real examples of change within your company previously, allowing delegates to look at the change from someone else’s perspective.
    • What does the change mean for them and what can I do to get them on board with the change?
  • How to prepare and deliver compelling arguments – a PROVEN influencing model for gaining commitment to change
  • Stakeholder analysis – who are the stakeholders? What do they expect from you? Are they influential? How can I win them over or keep them onside?

Impacts Of Change At An Operational Level

  • Change of systems and process and its impacts
  • Driving change with continuous improvement
  • The impacts of change across the wider business
  • Learn how to implement change within a teams
  • Understanding moments of truth – change from the customers perspective
  • Overcoming barriers to change:
    • Identifying and assessing risk
    • Creating a specific change plan to overcome these

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