IT Helpdesk
Training Course

Improve how you handle the calls that you receive to delight your customers and to
ensure that their issue is solved quickly and efficiently.

IT Helpdesk Training Course

Delight your customers by solving their IT issues quickly and efficiently

Solve IT Helpdesk Issues Quickly & Effectively

IT Helpdesk Training Overview

Let’s face it, you’re a technical expert!

You know your stuff, you know the ins and outs about what you are supporting. But what do you know about telephone answering techniques, effective questioning, or how to deal with an irate customer?

Don’t worry help is at hand!

This course is specifically designed to cater for technical professionals who deal with customers and users. You will learn all about customer service, communication, managing customer frustration, increasing customer receptivity to solutions, helping customers explain the real problem, and efficient listening skills.

You will then be able to help your customers the first time that they call and reduce the need for repeat calls that just clog up the helpdesk lines!

Below are indicative IT helpdesk training topics.

Select which ones you would like to make up your course or tell us what you need.

Man working on a helpdesk taking calls

Indicative Content

Helpdesk Excellence

  • What does a great job look like?
  • Understanding poor, good and excellent customer service
  • Personal examples
  • Stepping into the caller’s shoes

Communication Skills

  • Helping the non-technical customer verbalize issues
  • Efficient and effective listening methods
  • Questioning techniques
  • How to lose the jargon
  • The importance of tonality and inflection in your voice.
  • Telephone ‘etiquette’ when answering, holding or transferring calls

Problem Resolution

  • Dealing successfully with frustrated customers
  • Involving customers in problem resolution
  • Handling complaints in the right way
  • Demonstrating empathy during difficult calls

Confirming Solutions

  • Explaining solutions in a non-technical way
  • Confirming and checking for understanding
  • Anticipating future issues and dealing with them
  • Ending the call in a positive and professional manner
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This means that all participants will receive a CPD Certificate after taking this course.

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