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Recruitment Skills Training

Get everything under control and manage those emotions more effectively

Recruitment Skills Training
Gain the skills and knowledge to recruit the best people

Attract, Recruit & Select The Best People


This 1-day course is designed to provide all learners with the knowledge and skills to manage their own recruitment process from start to finish.

The course covers from the initial planning and design of the process and documentation, shortlisting applicants, conducting the interview, to the selection process and offering the right candidate for the role, all within a consistent and fair and legal process.

Course Agenda


Learners will be required to complete some pre-work which will consist of gathering some samples of job descriptions and/or adverts they have written in the past and bringing along evidence of any recruitment they have managed in the past.

They will also be invited to read some theory around recruitment and selection before attending so that the learning can be bought to life in the training room using activities and scenarios to embed the learning.


  • Understanding your role as a Line Manager and Interviewer
  • Awareness of the legal requirements and unconscious bias
  • Assisting with the development of a job description (JD) and analysing the essential and desirable knowledge and skills required for the role
  • Ensuring the JD sells the opportunity to prospective applicants
  • Defining the right recruitment process to suit the role
  • Contributing to a suitable and role-specific questioning framework
  • Deciding on how the questions will be measured
  • Having the right marketing strategy to advertise the role


  • Reviewing applicant CV’s
  • Telephone Interviews and following a structure
  • Planning before the face to face interview
  • The structure of the face to face interview
  • Working with a panel
  • 1st impressions, perception and rapport building
  • The importance of communication and the 3 V’s (Visual, Vocal, Verbal)
  • Questioning skills – Opening questions, Competency and Strength based and technical questioning
  • Taking effective and accurate notes
  • Presenting your company and the role in a positive way – why should they work for you?


  • Interview panel de-brief “Wash up” session
  • Evaluating and scoring candidates
  • Making the right choice based on competence, behaviours and culture
  • Giving constructive feedback
  • Offer management
  • Working within the requirements of GDPR


  • Engaging your new starter during offer management
  • Ensuring your induction process is fit for purpose
  • Setting them off on the right foot – key information they need to know
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