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Team Building Days

Build better relationships and get to understand each other better

Team Building Days
Build better relationships and get to understand each other better

Build Your Team Spirit & Effectiveness


Today’s teams need to be more closely tied than ever before.

The competition will quickly overtake any business that doesn’t hold an effective team-ethos.

This team building event covers the techniques and concepts required to achieve a great team spirit and working effectiveness.

Delegates will contribute to how the team gets results in a series of activities where they demonstrate how leaders and team members maximise productivity and close working relationships.

Before the workshop, each delegate completes an assessment of how they see their role in the team they work with and that enables us to determine how they see their position within the team.

A further series of assessments and exercises throughout the programme will help delegates to understand how they can drive performance and gain excellent results by pulling together in a team environment.

On successful completion of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Determine what great teams actually do to achieve great results
  • Understand how their role in a team affects what they and others do
  • See how others see their contribution to the team
  • Identify the key skills needed to become an excellent team member
  • Highlight the 12 components that make up an effective team
  • Decide what role they prefer to play in a team
  • Understand their own learning style and the way it contributes to team effectiveness
  • Decide their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to being in a team
  • Share ideas and techniques that make a team strong
  • Plan actions that will make them work together with others as a team member and not as a group who just happen to be working together

Course Agenda

  • Introductions
  • What Great Teams Do To Be Successful
  • Exercise On Team Building
  • Pre-Workshop Feedback
  • Performance Enhancers & Performance Detractors
  • Team Roles & Their Application In The Workplace
  • Belbin Assessment
  • Application Of Belbin Assessment
  • How Different Learning Styles Affect The Way That People Work Together
  • Team Strengths Exercises
  • Inventory On Team Leadership Strengths
  • How Team Members Communicate Effectively With Each Other
  • What Your Team Would Look Like If You Applied All These Ideas
  • Action Plans & Team Orientation Program Options
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This course is CPD Certified.

What this means is that your staff will all receive a CPD Certificate at the end of the course.

All with no additional cost.

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