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Collaborative team working together

How To Move Your Team From Co-Operation To Collaboration

Collaborative team working togetherThere are many examples of teams who have co-operated on tasks to accomplish goals.

And co-operation has proved to be beneficial in many respects to achieve what couldn’t be achieved individually.

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Company Culture folder on a desk

Why Is Your Company Culture So Important & How Can You Build It?

Company Culture folder on a deskCompany culture is one of those ethereal things that sometimes gets mentioned and then dropped as a topic because it’s too big or too vague.

And we can’t do much to influence it, so why spend time on it.

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Core Values with employees around a table

5 Ways To Get Your Team To Live Your Values

Core Values with employees around a tableHere, we are referring to your Company values, also known as corporate values or core values.

These are the “fundamental beliefs upon which your business and its behaviour are based. They are the guiding principles that your business uses to manage its internal affairs as well as its relationship with customers”. (

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Career wooden blocks with graph

How Do I Make Myself Promotable?

Career wooden blocks with graphIt’s often a fact that the very skills you have developed to get yourself to your current position in business may be the very skills and attributes that can hold your success back.

These might include having too high a dependence on your specialist expertise, an individualistic approach that differentiates you from your current peers, and possibly inclination to challenge the business status quo.

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Manager arguing with employee

Help! I Made A Bad Recruitment Decision! What Can I Do?

Manager arguing with employeeImagine that the person you interviewed came across very well, their references were great and their CV covered everything you want in a new person for the role.

You offer them the job, they accept and start working with your team.

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Leadership secrets envelope

Secrets Of Some Of Britain’s Top 20 Inspirational Workplaces

Leadership secrets envelopeThe CMI/Glassdoor’s latest survey identifies the top 20 most inspirational workplaces in Britain, and it’s these businesses that are driving performance and tapping into the potential of their most loyal, talented staff.

As the survey suggests, you need to build a culture and leadership style that attracts, develops and maintains the best talent out there.

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Businessperson doing research

This Is THE Most Important Investment You Can Make With Your Time

Businessperson doing researchWhen managers attend our training programmes, we often ask the question, “In the last year, how many CDs on management have you listened to, how many DVDs on management have you watched, how many YouTube videos on management have you researched, how many TED talks have you downloaded, how many podcasts have you listened to on management, how many books on management or leadership have you read and how many articles have you saved on leadership or management?”

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Boss promoting business woman

How To Get People Ready For Promotion Before Being Promoted

Boss promoting business woman Many surveys have shown that growth and development are two of the driving forces behind people’s engagement at work, helping them benefit and get rewarded for the hard work and effort they put into their jobs.

How do people benefit from that extra discretionary effort?

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