The 3 Main Benefits Of Raising Employee’s Self-Esteem

Gold keysA manager position is a multifaceted role; while it is obvious that leaders have to manage their employees’ outputs to meet job demand, it is less understood that they should also care about their staff’s mental perceptions about themselves as related to the job.

A good leader will interact with each member of staff enough to gauge their self-esteem levels, and then maintain good levels, while working to raise poor self-esteem.

Although some may say that this is outside the scope of the supervisor’s responsibility, it is just the opposite.

Managing employees is an all-encompassing role that should require the boss to care about mental and physical attributes of each employee. Having employees with good self esteem has many benefits, such as:

Autonomous Workers

Those employees that don’t believe in themselves or devalue their own skills will constantly come to ask for help and advice.

Although it is expected that new employees do this while they are learning on the job, experienced staff should be confident enough to work without turning to the boss for every question.

However, individuals who have low self-esteem typically don’t trust their own judgment, which creates more work for the manager, having to be very involved in their day to day tasks.

By constantly reminding these individuals that they are talented and smart, and thus raising their self-esteem levels, managers can create autonomous workers who trust their own instincts.

Creative Workers

While change and direction often come from the top, some bosses are lucky enough to have employees that can suggest creative and innovative changes in business processes.

However, the employees must have high self-esteem, otherwise they will never be self-confident enough to not only think outside the box instead of following directions to the tee, but to also voice their thoughts.

Better Employee Retention

Employees that have more self-esteem are typically happier and, in return, loyal to the company.

This is especially true when the manager shows his or her care for the employees and their needs.

Typically, these workers will be more confident in asking for raises and promotions, instead of those with low self-esteem, that will look for another position instead of asking for what they want.

There are so many benefits in having employees with high self-esteem, not just to the employee, but also to the department and the company as a whole.

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Updated on: 25 January, 2016

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