3 Quick Tips On Managing Anger In The Office

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Stressful situations happen all too frequently at the office. A customer may be incredibly pushy, asking for things that simply cannot be done.

Your boss may be too demanding, expecting too much from you.

Various situations can cause you to lose your cool and lash out, however this should never be done in a professional setting.

Some individuals naturally know how to deal with trying occasions, but others do not. It is never too late to learn to manage your anger in the workplace.

Stop – The first, and most valuable tip anyone can give to someone trying to control an outburst of anger is simply to stop.

This takes not only incredible self control, but the self awareness to quickly understand when you are about to get angry and raise your voice, or say something rude.

The first step is learning to gauge your own emotions, and comprehending what makes you upset, mad, frustrated and annoyed.

Then, trying to stop your anger in its tracks; essentially telling your mind and body to freeze in the moment.

Once you have managed this, you will be able to control looking unprofessional in the office, such as when you yell at your staff, slam the office door, or anything else of the sort.

Find The Positive – In any situation, no matter how desperate it may seem, there is a ray of light or something that can provide hope for a positive outcome.

Your anger may be due to someone else’s mistake or incompetence, or simply because you felt disrespected or unappreciated.

These are all valid feelings that should not be suppressed; however, there are healthy ways to deal with these issues that would be much more productive if they were resolved without any anger.

Therefore, take the time to truly evaluate what has occurred and how you feel about it, and then find a positive way to discuss that with the offending party.

Change Your Lifestyle – Although this can’t be accomplished on the spot when you feel rage coming on, your daily lifestyle truly plays a big role in how often you become angry and how intense your aggression is.

Managers that are overworked, underslept and stressed out typically fly off the handle much more than those that are not. Therefore, take care of your mental and physical well being by resting, exercising, eating right, and possibly trying yoga and meditation. These steps can help you become healthier, thus making you calmer.

Anger in the workplace can not only hurt your professional career by preventing you from getting a promotion or even possibly leading to a termination of employment, but it is also bad for your health.

Therefore, use the three tips to stop anger in its tracks at work.

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Updated on: 24 September, 2015

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