3 Unique Ideas For The Office Christmas Party

Glasses of champagne for Christmas partiesDuring the holiday season many companies thank employees for their hard work by throwing holiday parties. Managers like the chance to express their gratification to their staff during these events.

While most employees are thankful that their organisation is spending the time and effort to put on a holiday event for them, many do not look forward to the same old holiday party. Whether your event is taking place in your office, or at a local restaurant or pub, why not shake things up this year and surprise your team with a creative and unique event this year? They will surely appreciate it.

International Cuisine – Most holiday parties offer traditional English food that your staff is used to. A great idea to twist things up this year is to offer them a taste of international flair with a sampling of food from around the world. There are many different ways to do this. If you have employees from different backgrounds working for you, ask each one to bring a dish from their native land. If not, find a catering company that can fulfill your request, or simply order in from various ethnic restaurants. Surely many of your employees have not traveled the world, so they would be excited to try new foods they have not sampled before.

Entertainment – Most office parties provide food and leave colleagues to mingle with each other. Spice up the holiday party by providing entertainment that will liven up the place! If budget permits, invite a comedian to tell some funny jokes or a magician to show some tricks. If you have a larger budget, truly impress your underlings with a celebrity appearance! This will surely impress your staff, and leave them talking about the holiday party for a long time to come.

Masquerade – While a typical office party is pretty formal and requires attendees to wear business attire, a truly creative and fun event would require guests to dress up. Throwing a masquerade will liven up the drab office event, and turn in into an exciting party. It will give employees a chance to dress up in fun outfits, and the masks would make staff members have to figure out who is who at the holiday party. To take this kind of party to the next level, turn on some classical music, and encourage guests to dance.

While most companies put on holiday office parties, not many go the extra mile to make the event fun and exciting. Employees work hard all year long, and offering them a creative and exciting event will make them feel more appreciated and valued by management and the company.

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Updated on: 26 November, 2014

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