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Manager shaking hands with an employee

How To Boost Morale, Self-Esteem & Confidence In A Team Member

Manager shaking hands with an employeeWhy was management invented?

That seems a strange question, doesn’t it? Surely management isn’t an invention!  Surely it developed in response to industrial needs and was built over a period of time!

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How To Measure Your Return On Talent

Businessman with increasing graphWhen asked to discuss the parameters managers use to assess their own and their department’s performance, the term ROI is often mentioned.

While the returns on investment are critical to the success of any department, there is another measurement we sometimes fail to take into consideration.

Yet it is one facet of our business that, if overlooked, can have a far-reaching effect on the results we achieve and the potential for future growth.

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Businessperson doing research

This Is THE Most Important Investment You Can Make With Your Time

Businessperson doing researchWhen managers attend our training programmes, we often ask the question, “In the last year, how many CDs on management have you listened to, how many DVDs on management have you watched, how many YouTube videos on management have you researched, how many TED talks have you downloaded, how many podcasts have you listened to on management, how many books on management or leadership have you read and how many articles have you saved on leadership or management?”

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Talent management building blocks

How Do You Attract, Retain & Increase Talent Within Your Team?

Talent management building blocksIf I were to ask what was the biggest challenge facing you as a manager today, many replies would cover the inability to attract, retain and maintain talented individuals to their teams.

Ask yourself if the strategies you are currently employing are enabling your most talented individuals to build a career platform with you.

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Digital business trends

10 Management Ideas For The Next Decade

Digital business trendsSo much is being written about the 2020’s that sometimes we lose track of what’s going on in the present.

But it’s good to think ahead because it gives us a chance to build the skills we need to deal with the massive changes that are happening all around us, and become more creative in how we handle them.

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Year Symbol For Bright

5 Skills ALL Managers Will Need In 2025

Year Symbol For BrightThe working world is moving at such a fast pace, that managers have a hard time staying abreast of all the new trends.

From millennials entering the workforce, technological advances that have led to globalisation and artificial intelligence, it’s vital to look ahead and anticipate the skills you will need in the next 5-10 years to stay competitive in your field.

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Trends For Word In Laptop

3 Megatrends Every Manager Should Know In 2018

Trends For Word In LaptopInnovation is part of the working world and managers must keep up with trends that can affect their business.

Whether it is a new technology, an industry fad or a new law, keeping up with the times helps managers be effective leaders, offer the best services to their clients and present the best working environments to their employees.

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skill loading

How To Improve Your Management Skills, Even If You’re Not A Manager

skill loadingIt is never too early to start honing your management skills.

Even if you are just starting out in your career, you should focus on establishing credibility and leadership skills to show your boss that you are a natural born leader.

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