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Better To Check In Than To Check Up On Your Homeworkers

checking in on home workers

So you’re team are working remotely and you need to ensure the work is getting done and that they’re okay at the same time.

It’s a tricky situation!
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6 Things To Do Before An Employee Appraisal

Businessmen discussing performanceIf you have impending appraisals with your team, the time to start planning is now.

Once the workers are in your office, it’s too late to prepare for a productive appraisal and here’s hoping you have had some useful appraisal training as well.

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How To Carry Out Effective Employee Appraisals

Blue appraisal folder with meeting in backgroundAppraisals often get a bad rap because managers use this time ineffectively and not for the right reasons.

Most see an employee appraisal as an annual review of the workers performance, which affects their salary and chances of promotion.

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How To Run An Effective Appraisal

Two business men in a meetingsIf you have appraisals coming up with your team, it is important to plan for a creative and effective experience.

Not everyone has gone through an appraisal training skills programme so these tips will help you if that is the case.

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Ways To Prepare For A Tricky Appraisal

5 Ways To Prepare For A Tricky Appraisal

Ways To Prepare For A Tricky AppraisalAlthough appraisals can be motivating and empowering when you meet with certain employees, that’s not always the case.

When you have a team member who has been underperforming, the meeting is likely not going to be pleasant for you or the individual.

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Ways Appraisals Can Motivate Staff

5 Ways Appraisals Can Motivate Staff

Ways Appraisals Can Motivate StaffAppraisals don’t have to be dreaded by either staff members or management.

Although they often have a bad rep, and have employees worried for weeks about possible negative feedback, employers should re-conceptualise this as an opportunity rather than a “review.”

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performance Appraisal

What Will An Appraisal Look Like In 10 Years Time?

performance AppraisalThe traditional appraisal process has been around for decades. Good job because it keeps us in the business of providing appraisal training courses!

It involves an annual meeting with a supervisor where employees must listen to their strengths and downfalls, and areas where they must improve.

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say no in office

3 Things NOT To Do In Your Employee Appraisals

say no in officeEmployee appraisals provide an opportunity for the employee and the boss to sit down one-on-one to discuss progress and goals, so why is it that these meetings are often dreaded and pointless?

Well, lack of appraisal training springs to mind. Too many managers turn up and just “wing it”. Although this is a time for the appraiser and the appraisee to get on the same page about the year ahead, appraisals are often mishandled by managers, who make the following mistakes during these meetings:

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