The Berenschot Seven Forces Model

According to a man named Berenschot, there are seven key forces that drive things to occur within the universe. Without these seven things, the human race would not be motivated to move forward.


These seven things are:

Necessity. Necessity creates a sense of urgency and forces people to complete tasks within a specified time frame.

Vision. Individuals must be able to visualize exactly how they want the outcome of any situation or project to look.

Success. One must feel successful after completing a task. If not, he or she won’t be motivated to move on to the next one.

Spirit. Spirit incorporates an individual or group’s level of strength and initiative; or, how committed he is to completing a task.

Structure. Individuals usually seek structure, whether in the form of a support system or a mapped out plan. Structure is just a base point from which individuals can make changes or challenge authority.

Capabilities. Capabilities include an individual’s personal educational level, knowledge, experience, and specific skills. These capabilities make it possible for him or her to complete a given task.

Systems. Most employees are trained to follow a system in which they are given information, complete a task, have the task reviewed, and are then rewarded. Rewards include salary, praise, or even bonuses.

Take a look at your employees and the tasks they are assigned regularly. Can you tell whether or not your team members exhibit all seven of these essential traits? If not, is there something you can do to change the way they feel?

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Updated on: 18 December, 2008

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