Conflict Management

Tips & advice to help you improve your performance

Ensuring Win-Win in Conflict Situations At Work

Dealing with conflict situations is not an easy option for most people at work. They tend to lean toward the extremes, rather than the solution, that is, they either become aggressive, passive-aggressive or submissive. None of these behavioural traits are the most effective way of…

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How To Effectively Deal With Confrontation

Of all the skills managers want to have improved, communication pretty much comes up there at the top. Along with negotiating a higher salary, of course! But communication is such a broad subject. I often ask clients, ‘If there was one area of communication you…

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Encouraging Positive Conflict

While conflict is generally viewed as a negative term, there are some types of conflict that should be welcome within the workplace. Conflict is a natural reaction, especially in work groups where there are differing personalities, but conflict isn’t always bad. In some cases, conflict…

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