Dilts Logical Levels

Developed by Robert Dilts, the concept known as Dilts Logical Levels was actually adapted by a series of neurological tests and concepts designed by an anthropologist known as Gregory Bateson.

Robert Dilts took that research and applied it to what is now considered to be a map of the logical levels of change a person goes through when analyzing a problem or process. These levels can be applied on many levels, including personal, professional, and even in social situations.

The six logical levels include:

  • Spirituality/Purpose,
  • Identity/Mission,
  • Beliefs and Values,
  • Capabilities/Strategies,
  • Behaviours, and
  • Environment.

The away an individual feels about himself on each of these levels has a huge impact on the action he takes on a daily basis.

For example, let’s assume you must attend a holiday function at the home of your boss sometime this week but you’d rather go home and spend time with your family. You aren’t necessarily thrilled about the event, but you must choose how to react.

If you’re smart you’ll consider your behaviour before you walk out the door. The way you act will determine how successful you are at work in the New Year. Will you walk in the door visibly disgruntled, or will you put a smile on your face and act happy to be at the party?

Each of these six levels impacts the end result of any situation. The capability/strategy you choose will be a result of your beliefs and values. Your beliefs and values will be a result of how you identify with yourself as a person. How you view yourself as a person is directly impacted by what you feel your purpose in life should be.

Take a few minutes this week to sit back and reflect upon these six levels and where you feel you fit into the grand scheme of things. Look at yourself on both a personal and professional level. I think you’ll be surprised at what you are able to learn about yourself!

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Updated on: 23 December, 2008

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