Here’s Why You Need To Create “Hybrid Jobs”…

Multi tasking Business WomanMost of us know the benefits of hybrid cars – they require less money for petrol and are better for the environment.

However, not many are familiar with what hybrid jobs are, or their benefits to the employer and the employee alike.

A hybrid job is a position where one person has multiple roles.

Although this is not the standard, these types of jobs have become increasingly popular in the last ten years.

Benefits of Hybrid Jobs to Employers

Increased Savings

With economic downturns worldwide, many organisations have been forced to lay off employees and cut costs.

Instead of hiring two people to perform two jobs, they have one person do two or even more jobs for one salary.

Consider the benefits that it brings to a company – instead of having to search for multiple staff members and spending time and money training them, you hire one eligible employee, and train them to conduct multiple job tasks.

Reduces Lay Offs

During an economic crisis, instead of having to lay off individuals, employers can simply update their job descriptions so that they can take on additional roles.

For example, an IT professional can have bookkeeping skills and can help the accounting department, or, on the other hand, an accountant may be knowledge in fixing computers, and can help the IT department when the need arises.

Benefits of Hybrid Positions to Employees

Job Security

In today’s changing professional world, employers look for and value versatility in their staff.

In fact, bosses prefer to hire new employees who graduated from university, and would be able to contribute their knowledge to various departments.

An employee who is able to wear many hats is much more valuable to an organisation than a person who specialised in only one thing.

Continued Education/ Training

A hybrid job provides a chance to educate oneself and learn new skills and information.

If you have to add more responsibilities to your current job description, that will not only enhance your resume, but will keep you on your toes, >constantly learning and evolving.

Less Boredom

Let’s face it, we all get bored conducting the same tasks at work over and over.

However, a hybrid job will break that cycle and allow us and our team members to step out of our comfort zone and do something different.

This can be fun and exciting!

While hybrid jobs have benefits to both employees and employers, it is important for bosses to realise that a person has limitations, both physical, mental and emotional.

When trying to cut costs, you can’t simply dump all the workload on one person, even if they do have a hybrid job.

Remembering that there are only so many hours during the day, hiring additional workforce or stepping in when necessary, will help a hybrid employee from becoming burnt out.

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Updated on: 17 June, 2016

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