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Interpersonal Skills

The Difference Between Being Assertive & Aggressive (Which One are You?)

A great leader needs to have certain traits to be successful.

One of the most important ones is the ability to be assertive.

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3 Ways The Best Managers Can Improve Their Empathy Skills

When trying to improve leadership skills, managers often focus on delegation, communication and time management.

However, an important skill that every boss needs to possess in order not only to be respected, but liked, is empathy.

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The 3 Main Warning Signs That Your Employee May Quit

One of the worst situations an employer may face is when a valued staff member suddenly quits.

Even if a standard two-week notice is provided, it may not nearly be enough time to find a suitable replacement, train that person, and resume work flow without interruptions. Learn More

Be Assertive Without Being A Dic…Tator

It is a commonly held thought that only strong assertive people get on in the workplace and that you won’t be successful if you are shy. This is not necessarily true and the good news is that assertiveness can be learned. Learn More

Managing Your Mood As A Manager

How much does change of mood affect your team? Extremely positive and upbeat one moment as things seem to be going well and then something goes wrong which brings you down again. Learn More

Tips For Managers Who Can’t Say No

As a manager, you always want to do your best for yourself and others. Seldom do you want to reject your team members’ requests for assistance, as you feel you are there to help and if you don’t, you aren’t being the helpful or doing your job. Learn More

Increasing and Improving Your Emotional Intelligence


In order for you to get on in management, improving your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) should be in your top five of things to accomplish. Some people would say it should be at Number One. Learn More

How To See From A Different Perspective

I was reading about a case where the arbitration organisation, ACAS, were brought in to a dispute between two parties in an organisation, to help sort it out.

One statement in the article intrigued me. Learn More