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3 Talent Management Trends That Will Shape The Future

family and you woodThe workplace is ever changing, and ways of managing talent have to adapt in order to keep up with innovations and changes.

Currently, the instant dissemination of information, the ability to work from anywhere and globalisation are some of the most important trends impacting organisations and their employees.

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How To Discipline A Member Of Your Team Without Getting Personal

chineese woman thinkingHumans are emotional beings, which means that when a manager must discipline a member of their team, emotions are flying high.

No one likes to hear negative feedback, which is why it is easy for a simple feedback session to turn personal and get nasty.

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Handwritten Text Build Your Creativity

3 Ways Younger Managers Can Build Their Credibility With Older Staff

Handwritten Text Build Your CreativityThere are common stereotypes about millennials that are often unfair, and on the whole mostly untrue.

Some of these include being lazy and constantly wanting more, whereas oftentimes they are interested in more of a work/life balance and greater transparency from their organisation. 

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3 Quick Tips On Running Effective Competitor Analysis

Technology Internet BusinessThe key to getting ahead in business is to stay ahead of the competition.

If are not staying on top of what products your competitors are releasing, what prices they are setting and what initiatives they are spearheading, how do you know if you are duplicating something unknowingly, or not being innovative enough? Learn More

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Is Performance-Related Pay Right For Your Organisation?

Word Cloud PerformanceMost organisations pay their employees a set salary per month, or an agreed-upon hourly rate.

While this type of setup works for many firms, it is not a one-fits-all solution. Learn More

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3 Quick Tips On Effective Goal Setting

GOAL spelt on tableThose individuals that hold managerial positions must always have the company’s goals at the forefront of their minds.

Whether the company aims to increase revenue, diversify services offered or franchise, managers must work towards those goals daily. Learn More

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How To Use New Years’ Resolutions To Move Up The Corporate Ladder

run to starEvery New Years’ people around the world decide to set a new bar of expectations for the upcoming year. For many individuals, this involves weight loss, exercise, and other mundane goals. However, a get set of New Years’ resolutions have the potential to set you apart from the pack and help you climb the corporate ladder. Learn More


Why Your Pep Talks Don’t Work & What To Do Differently

You Can Do It - Stuart Miles

A pep talk is intended to make someone feel more courageous or enthusiastic about something and in the business world it usually refers to their job!
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