Performance Models

Let’s cut right to the chase today. A performance model is a vision of what a company expects to achieve. In order to attain those goals the company must perform in a specific manner. This takes a great deal of research, planning, and implementation. The model must, in short, aim to improve employee performance in a way that your sales and service goals are positively impacted as well

One of my favorite performance models, although only one example, is the Maynard Workforce Performance Model. This model works to improve employee performance but eliminates wasteful actions and spending as well. The ultimate goal is continuous improvement in the areas of productivity, quality control, and organisational culture. Each of these areas feeds into the other, so proper balance is essential.

In the end, your ultimate goal is to increase your productivity while maintaining your high quality expectations. At the same time, these changes should help you to eliminate waste which will in turn cut down on costs and spending. It’s a win-win situation for both you and your employees – as individuals, as a department or team, and as an entire company.

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