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Project Management

How Important Is Communication In Project Management?

A project has many moving parts and various individuals who are working on it.

As such, the person tasked with leading the project must stay on top of all developments and make sure that every participant understands the goals of the task and how best to accomplish them.

Learn More

3 Quick Tips On Completing Your Project On Time

When managing a project, the task can take over your life.

The assignment tends to become a living, breathing entity that needs to be cared for and nurtured. Learn More

Aligning Responsibilities When Running a Project

Many projects are run successfully with excellent results. Others seem to fizzle out or run aground on the rocks of poor communication.

What specifically contributes to a well-run project? Well, in our experience, it is the alignment of responsibilities and the adequate leading of the available resources that drives successful results. Learn More

The Project Leader’s Checklist

Leading a project these days is a lot more complicated than ever before, as you have to deal with so many constraints, different people’s demands and a time-scale that is often shorter than you would like. Learn More

Essential Project Management Features

Alright – here’s your chance to be a shining star. Your team has been handed its first project and you are now the sole project manager. How exciting! Learn More