Should You Be Giving Staff Half-Day Fridays?

Business Man Check Time DelayNow that summer has started, the weather has improved, and the cold days are behind us. However, business goes on as usual, and your staff are still working 9-5 inside their offices. It may be time to consider rewarding your employees for their hard work with summer Fridays.

This would typically consist of giving your team members half a day off on Fridays during the summer months.

Before you categorically reject this choice, read this article to see why these benefits can actually be good for your organisation.

Provides Predictability – Summers are usually more busy and hectic for most working individuals because their children are out of school and either home or in summer camps. Even those without children have appointments that require time off to get accomplished. Additionally, employees tend to take more holidays during this time, and like to leave on Fridays to avoid a weekend commute. Knowing this, setting up a concise time frame in which you will know when your staff is off will provide stability and predictability in the office. You will be able to plan projects and tasks around this, instead of having to scramble when a subordinate takes a personal day without much notice. 

Offers Rewards – It is incredibly important to recognise the value that your team brings to the table, and reward deserving individuals for their efforts and sacrifices. While rewards can come in various forms, from bonuses to free lunches, time off is a great choice for a reward. First, providing summer Fridays doesn’t cost the employer anything, unlike a check for a bonus. While you may think that the lack of things getting done in this timeframe will cause you to lose funds, think about how much is possible to get accomplished on a Friday afternoon anyway. Most clients are gone for the day, and employees are usually drained from the working week. Therefore, half day Fridays are a great reward without much cost.

Promotes A Work Life Balance – Modern managers realise that they have to offer a work life balance to keep employees happy and committed to their jobs. Many organisations show this in different ways, but a great perk is a summer Friday. Allowing your staff members to take four or five hours off while still getting paid will provide them with additional opportunity to spend time with family, go to a gym, or simply catch up on doctor appointments. Summer Fridays are not utilised by many companies in the UK, but they should be. By offering this perk, you will show your employees that you are aware of their hard work, and want to offer them something extra to relax, spend time with family and run personal errands.

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Updated on: 3 July, 2015

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