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Understanding The Apprentice Journey

The apprenticeship journey starts with you understanding the requirements and elements of an apprenticeship standard. Apprenticeship Standard Each apprenticeship standard is made up of knowledge, skills and behaviours. The Knowledge during the apprenticeship you will acquire the facts, information, theory and technical information of the…

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The Importance Of Functional Skills

It is part of the funding rules that all apprentices must complete initial assessments in English and maths. For some programmes, learners must also complete an initial assessment in ICT too. The reason for this is set out in the ESFA’s Apprenticeship Funding Rules: “English…

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What Is An Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a job where you learn in the work setting, gain experience, develop new skills whilst getting paid and receiving all the benefits of an employed member of staff. What are the different levels of an apprenticeship? Each apprenticeship has an identified level…

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