Understanding The Apprentice Journey

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The apprenticeship journey starts with you understanding the requirements and elements of an apprenticeship standard.

Apprenticeship Standard

Each apprenticeship standard is made up of knowledge, skills and behaviours.

The Knowledge during the apprenticeship you will acquire the facts, information, theory and technical information of the subject required to enable you to be effective in their role.

The Skills – the expertise, practical skills and talent needed in order to do a job, or task. The Job skills allow you to do a specific job.

Behaviours – these are the way you act, approach activities and work with others and support you to be effective in your role and future career.

The next step

Initial Engagement

It’s really important to get a good start to your apprenticeship. This is an opportunity to see if the apprenticeship route is right for you, to have support to map out your career path and career choices and to determine the right apprenticeship and the right level. MTD call this part of the Apprenticeship the Initial Engagement. As part the Initial Engagement stage you will undertake and complete:

Initial Assessment-Completion of an initial assessment to determine correct apprenticeship route and to identify if you need support in developing your English and maths skills.

Skills Test– An opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the role and to share your current knowledge and skills.

Skills Scan– completion of a skills scan to identify current skills and any skills gap requirements.

The Apprenticeship Journey

The apprenticeship journey is made up of ten key elements

apprenticeship journey

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Updated on: 14 December, 2020

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