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Customer Care Essentials

Customer Care Training Overview

The way that your staff work with and interact with your customers has a direct impact on your bottom line!

Make sure that they have the best skills, strategies and techniques to ensure that every customer experience is a memorable one with this “Customer Care Service Excellence Course”

This is a 1-day in-house course aimed at those people with direct contact with your customers whether it be face to face, on the telephone or via the internet.

Below are indicative customer care training topics.

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Man handling customer care calls in a call centre

Indicative Content

Introduction & Objectives

  • What does excellence look like in the role?
  • Understand what is poor, good and excellent customer service
  • Best practices and telephone ‘etiquette’ when answering, holding or transferring calls

Communication Awareness

  • Communication styles reviewed
  • The importance of effective communication
  • The effects of poor communication
  • Developing a conversational style – building rapport with the client

Questioning & Listening

  • Questioning and listening skills
  • Language – how to be assertive and not aggressive
  • Customer Service – revealing pain, needs and wants
  • Helping the non-technical customer to verbalise their issues

Dealing With Complaints

  • What really is the issue?
  • Diffusing the situation
  • Handling complaints positively looking for win-win solutions
  • Resolving the complaint where possible – taking ownership of the complaint
    • How to follow up or signpost effectively – not ‘passing the buck’

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Our courses are CPD Certified. All participants receive a CPD Certificate after taking this course at no additional cost
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