3 Don’ts When Dealing With A Customer Complaint

Unhappy customers refusing contractAs a customer service manager, it is not a question of whether you will have to deal with customer complaints, but how you will deal with them.

Although you should treat each complaint individually, you should have a strategy in place for handling complaints to leave the client happy, but also protect your organisation and brand.

Handle a complaint well and it can build a stronger relationship with your customers.

Here are some tips on how not to deal with customer complaints:

Don’t Get Defensive

While on the phone with a client, remember that your mission is to do everything in your power to keep the client happy and as a loyal customer.

Although this is not always possible, that should be your main goal.

Therefore, it is not useful to get defensive and defend the product or service and your company. This will make the client feel like you are not seeing their view, and disregarding their opinion.

Don’t Pass On the Call

Perhaps you are really busy at the time when there is a customer request to speak to you, or simply don’t want to deal with it.

However, passing on the call to someone else can be a critical mistake.

If the issue has escalated so much that the customer is asking to speak to a manager, than you don’t want another employee without your training and expertise to try and settle with them.

Bite the bullet and take the call, doing your best to address the client’s concerns.

Don’t Lie

It is often much easier to quickly make something up to protect your product or organisation instead of telling the truth.

However, that fib can be very damaging should it come up to surface.

While you may not be honest about sensitive company information, take great care that what you reveal to the customer is the complete and honest truth.

Remember that a single situation can blow up to be a huge scandal if it is not handled right, putting not only your own job at risk, but the success of the entire business.

Clients are the bread and butter of every single business, so addressing their complaints properly is essential to keeping your company’s good reputation.

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Mark Williams

Head of Training and Development

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