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500 Bite Size Training Sessions On Your System or Ours

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On-Demand Bite-Size Learning – Ideal For Your Managers & Their People

We have over 500 bite-size online training sessions that last between 60 seconds and 5 minutes.

Each are designed to grab your learner’s attention and keep interest levels high.

Each session comes with a cheat sheet, transcript, infographic and some coaching questions to help your people to embed the learning.

Our content is perfect for the development of your managers and they can also use all of the sessions with their teams as well because each topic is backed up with coaching blueprints for them to use. It’s a real game changer.


Use On Your System or Ours

If you’re already using a learning management system we can easily transfer all of the content onto your platform.

Don’t worry if you have no system in place because we have 2 options for you.

You can simply subscribe your learners to our platform and they will access to all of our content using our system.

You can have your own branded learning platform with the content on. You can also add any content to the system that you may have as well.

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Bite-Size Examples

We use different formats for our content including motion graphics, presenter led and animations.
Below are 3 different examples to illustrate. Each session comes with transcripts, infographics and coaching blueprints.

What Is Coaching?

(Motion Graphic)

Ending Difficult Conversations

(Presenter Led)


How To Communicate To Others



Bite-Size Topics

We have a number of different topics where all of the sessions are stored. New topics and their categories are added to it all the time.

bit size topics

Management & Leadership Topics

Below are some of the management & leadership categories. There are over 220 sessions across 21 categories in this topic alone!

Icon phone

Appraisals Skill

Icon icons_assertiveness

Handling Difficult Conversations

Icon warning

Assertiveness Skills

Icon phone

Leadership Skills

Icon warning

Managing Conflict

Icon phone

Change Management Skills

Icon icons_assertiveness

Negotiation Skills

Icon warning

Performance Management Skills

Icon phone

Coaching Skills

Icon phone

Time Management Skills

Icon warning

Communication Skills

Icon phone

Presentation Skills

Icon icons_assertiveness

Problem Solving & Innovation

Icon warning

Delegation Skills

Icon phone

Effective Meetings Skills

Icon icons_assertiveness

Process Improvement

Icon warning

Storytelling For Business

Icon phone

Emotional Intelligence

Icon icons_assertiveness

Stress Management Skills

Icon warning

Feedback Skills

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