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Building Resilience Webinar

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As the lockdown continues and uncertainty is the only thing, we are certain of, it can be hard to stay positive and motivated.

Self-doubt can overcome anyone of us, and the longer this goes on the more of us will be affected.

Looking after your wellbeing and developing mechanisms is an important skill, we all need.

Many people cope by having things to look forward to holidays, family gatherings, days out, going for a meal. Things that we take for granted are milestones we set to get us through to next week, month, year.

When these are taken away, work is not what is was, some of your colleagues may be furloughed, family members may be ill or dependant you, we need to dig deep and find our inner strength.

Building our resilience is key to not just getting though this pandemic but coming out healthy both physically and mentally.

This webinar is will help you build that resilience, reset your priorities and redefine how you survive uncertainty and ambiguity of the coming months.


By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand what is meant by resilience
  • Recognise the warning signs
  • Effectively take control back
  • Understand what motivates you and drives you to keep going
  • Recognise where your strengths lie and use these to your advantage
  • Build self-esteem and resilience by reframing and refocusing

Workshop Outline

Duration: 45 minutes through to 2 hour versions available

Materials: Virtual handouts provided to work through

Indicative content

  • Understanding resilience:
    • What helps to build resilience?
    • What can be detrimental to your own resilience?
  • Recognising and managing your feelings:
    • Understanding the role uncertainty and ambiguity plays in creating stress and pressure
    • Learning to control the “controllables”
    • Taking a step back and resetting personal and professional boundaries with regards to your feelings and emotions
  • Recognising your strengths and weaknesses
  • Building resilience through self-belief, self-esteem and optimism
  • Overcoming negative thinking and finding a way forward
  • Understanding the different “drivers” which motivate people
  • Understanding what motivates you
  • Understanding the importance of self-motivation – particularly in times of high-pressure, stress and change
  • Action planning and making it happen

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We Can Design & Delivery A Customised Webinar For You Based Around Your Exact Requirements

If there are a number of you then it will be more effective for us to design and delivery a webinar based around your exact requirements.

With this we can tailor the content and cover exactly what you need.

Our webinars will engage your learners and will get them to think about how they can put the learning into practice.

We achieve this by including a number of interactive activities, polls, discussions, Q&A, white boarding exercises and a whole host of other modern day virtual learning approaches.

Just get in touch with us and we will create a no obligation webinar proposal for you along with the fees which will include the content, duration, your webinar facilitator and the structure of the workshop.

CPD Certificate

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CPD Accredited

This webinar is CPD Certified (Continued Professional Development.) This gives you the assurance that it is of the very highest standard.

Upon completing the webinar all attendees will receive a formal CPD certificate for their records.

This Session Includes

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Pre-Session Activity
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Polls & Questions
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Hand Up Q&A


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Interactive Exercises
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Case Studies & Examples
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Recorded For Future Playback


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