Resilience Training

Get everything under control and manage those emotions more effectively

Resilience Training

Build resilience, control your stress levels and learn how to cope with adversity

Resilience Training – Content Ideas

Building your resilience will improve your ability to cope with adversity and help you to adapt to change more effectively.

It’s a key skill for all employees as it helps us to cope with setbacks, challenges, difficult situations and the ever increasing demands placed upon us.

More and more employees are under more pressure and stress at work than at any time previous in history.

Our building resilience training course is a 1-day in-house workshop and will provide all delegates with a toolbox of techniques and strategies to become more resilient.

Below are indicative training topics.

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Indicative Content

Resilience In The Workplace Training Outline

What Is Resilience?

  • What does it mean to be resilient?
  • Why is it important?
  • The latest research about well-being
  • How resilient are you?

Wellbeing At Work

  • What impacts your wellbeing at work?
    • Positively
    • Negatively
  • Work demands and their impacts
  • What can you control at work?
  • What can’t you control at work?

Managing Pressure & Stress

  • Understanding the differences between pressure and stress
  • How to recognise the physical, emotional and behavioural symptoms of stress
  • The 6 potential sources of workplace pressure identified by the HSE
  • Stress management

Managing Your Time

  • Where does all the time go?
  • Time planning and prioritisation
  • Developing a system that works for you
  • Learn how to say NO

Techniques To Employ

  • Resilience building techniques
  • Zones of concern and control
  • How to recognise the warning signals for stress and burnout
  • Building your confidence and purposefulness
  • Creating a support network

Action Planning

  • What are you going to do more of?
  • What are you going to do less of?
  • What are you going to start doing?
  • What are you going to stop doing?
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CPD Certificate

Our courses are CPD Certified. All participants receive a CPD Certificate after taking this course at no additional cost
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