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Customer Service

Best Customer Service Examples And What You Can Learn From Them

Business Strategy diagramWhat is it about customer service that sets companies apart from the rest?

The fact is that it is no longer the quality of our products and services that will get us the sale and ultimately the profits. Customers’ expectations have risen exponentially over the years, so a quality product will only get us onto the ball-park, not win us the game. Learn More

angry woman talking

How To Deal With Customer Complaints

Angry womanNo matter how good your sales process is or the quality of your products, there will inevitably come a time when you have to deal with a customer complaint.

This could happen for many, many reasons.

The standards that people expect today from business has exponentially grown over the years and if you don’t keep up with those requirements, you may find yourself receiving more and more complaints.

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Angry Phone Call

3 Tips On Dealing With An Irate Client Over The Phone

Angry Phone CallNo one likes speaking to an angry person, but this scenario is even more difficult to handle when the person is a client of yours.

This is a unique relationship where you have to tread very carefully to make sure the client is left happy, lest they take their business elsewhere. Learn More

Customer Service Written Over

3 Latest Trends In Customer Service To Consider For Your Business In 2017

Customer Service Written OverMaking improvements to customer service can provide many advantages to a business.

First, by offering a more helpful, faster and friendlier experience to customers, a company can benefit from higher sales, less returns and overall happier clients. Learn More

Best Customer Experience

2 Quick Methods That Hugely Improve Customer Experience

Best Customer ExperienceCustomers are what make any business a success or a failure.

You may have the most innovative products or services, but without tailoring them to your clients, you will not make any sales. Learn More

Customer Feedback

The Role Of The Leader In Customer Service

Customer Feedback If you are a leader in a larger business or public sector organisation then you are probably not dealing with external clients on a regular basis. It is therefore easy (once you have agreed with them) to leave the policing of your customer service standards to other people. Here is the danger when you do that! Learn More

Value Idea

How To Create Market Value Through People

Value Idea

Paradoxically, the financial performance of your department or business is not something you should attempt to directly control. It is better achieved by providing superior service to the market place. Learn More

Staff helping a customer clothes shop

10 Steps To Creating A Customer-Focused Culture

Staff helping a customer clothes shopMany people who manage teams in customer service are aware of the need to display vision and customer focus in their businesses, but less people are able to apply this in the real-world atmosphere of the hot-house business.

To create a culture takes time and effort. And you can’t demand this quality service from people; they have to want to deliver it from their hearts, and that’s not an easy concept to transfer to people.

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