3 Must-Listen Podcasts For ALL Managers

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Modern leaders know about the importance of possessing innovating managerial skills to excel in their jobs.

With employees expecting a motivating, exemplary boss – it’s beneficial for every single employer to hone their skills and improve their leadership style.

Although countless classes, training books and blogs are dedicated to this subject. Most professionals are busy and always on the go, not having the time to attend a class or sit down and read a book.

A great solution to self-improvement with limited time is listening to business-oriented podcasts.

Whether you’re in the car and listening to it over the radio, or using earphones to listen while taking the tube to the office, these podcasts can help you become a better manager.

To save you even more time in not having to search online, we present you with the best options when it comes to management podcasts.

The #AskGaryVee Show podcast

When Gary Vaynerchuck presents his views on building a business and entrepreneurship, he speaks from experience.

As a college graduate, he grew his family’s wine business from a $3 million company to a $60 million enterprise in five years.

His current CV lists him as an owner of Vayner Media, a digital agency, as well as an angel investor and venture capitalist, who invested in world-known brands such as Tumblr, Uber, Facebook and Birchbox.

He is also the co-founder of a $25 million investment fund, VaynerRSE.

Gary started his AskGaryVee show on YouTube, asking viewers to tweet their business-related questions to #AskGaryVee!, which he answered in segments that were 30 minutes or less.

He started his podcast, which includes segments from his public speeches, interviews as well as his views on current business practices.

What Great Bosses Know

Jill Geisler is an expert in management; she is the head of the leadership and management faculty at the Poynter Institute in the United States.

She is also hired to consult leaders around the globe on the most innovative practices and strategies.

In addition to writing on important leadership issues for publications such as the Washington Post and The Boston Globe, she wrote a book, “Work Happy: What Great Bosses Know.”

In 146 podcasts available on iTunes, Geisler covers topics on charisma, laziness, procrastination, feedback, and many more!

Dose of Leadership Podcast

Richard Rierson is a former United States Marine who knows interviews leaders from various industries around the world on his podcast.

Access over 265 podcasts that feature all types of figures, from business owners to military heroes, authors and religious leaders.

Check out his podcast for yourself to see why Fortune Magazine named it one of its “Top-9 Business Podcast“.

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Updated on: 10 February, 2017

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