3 Signs That Your Team Are Entirely Demotivated (And How To Turn It Around…)

Business colleagues gettingMotivation is required for employees to work at their best levels.

How do you really know though if your staff members are motivated or not?

Sure you can ask them, but who would truly admit to their boss that they are not motivated?

Instead, you can look for the following tell tale signs that your team are entirely unmotivated, and use these tips to turn that around.

Drop In Productivity

One of the biggest and clearest signs that your employees are demotivated is a noticeable drop in productivity; of course this implies that you are taking active steps to measure productivity in the first place.

When your staffers are not encouraged, noticed and rewarded, they feel like no one cares about how efficiently they work, and start to slack off.

To prevent this from happening, always empower your workers by setting measurable goals and recognising their achievements.

This allows them to feel appreciated and motivates them to work hard.

Poor Corporate Morale

Do your employees walk around with sullen faces and you can’t remember the last happy moment you shared with your team?

That is another sign of demotivation.

When some of the employees don’t perform up to par, the others have to make up for them slacking off, causing irritation and feelings of unfairness.

Furthermore, when employees feel like their efforts are meaningless, they don’t take pride in their work, leading to demotivation.

To prevent this, you must tackle poor corporate morale as soon as you see in any of our employees.

If you don’t, the dissatisfaction will quickly spread and affect your entire team.

High Employee Turnover

If you can’t seem to retain your employees, and feel like your company has a revolving door, demotivation may be to blame.

There are many things that are responsible for employee loyalty, and proper motivation from management is high on the list.

You must make your employees see the bigger picture of how their responsibilities add up to meet and advance company goals.

Show them real examples of how their work helped raise revenues, attract new clients or help achieve a certain goal.

By providing the right motivation, you will prevent your top talent from leaving.

If you don’t, the high employee turnover will hurt your bottom line, as the time it will take to recruit and onboard new candidates will hurt your sales and lead to poor morale amongst the remaining staffers.

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Updated on: 31 October, 2017

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