4 Essential Management Skills For New Managers

Woman holding notebookBeing a manager is never an easy job, but being a new manager is especially difficult.

Whether you have just been promoted to a leadership position or have switched jobs and started managing a new team, this career move comes with certain challenges.

Gaining your team’s respect, confidence and trust will require dedication and skills.

These 4 skills are essential for new managers to succeed in their role:

Self Awareness

It’s extremely important for new managers to be aware of their own opinions and behaviours towards their employees.

Especially in the beginning, it is helpful to understand how you come off to people.

Are you overly excited?

Too serious and stern?

Are you a talker, or do you tend to keep to yourself?

Understanding how others view you can help you adjust your behaviours in new situations and with new people, helping you to create a bond with your team.

Build Credibility

A new manager is a big uncertainty to the people who will be managed by the person.

They don’t know if it’s a skilled professional or someone that received the job through simple connections or nepotism.

This is why new managers should work diligently to build credibility in the first weeks and months of employment.

This is done by truly taking the time to get to know your colleagues, listening to them and working as a team.


One of the fastest ways to build a good rapport with your team members is to show that you are invested in their success as well as your own.

Brush up on your coaching skills so you can not only impart your own knowledge to your staff, but help them grow in their positions.

Find out what their goals are and create a plan on helping them get there.

Mentor them to learn new skills to add to their CV.

Answer their questions and offer them networking opportunities to meet important contacts to help them with career choices.

Be Open And Honest

Possibly one of the most important skills new managers need to have is the ability to be open and honest with their team.

Admitting to them that you are on a learning curve with the new position and will do your best by them, and telling them you will likely make mistakes along the way, but will learn from them will only help to humanise you in their eyes.

Always be honest with your employees so that they can trust you and create a true team that relies on transparency and openness.

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Mark Williams

Head of Training and Development

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