5 Reasons Why Decision Making Skills Are So Important In Management

Decision MakingHaving the ability to make a quick, yet good decision is imperative in all life situations.

To be an effective manager, decision making skills are crucial.

If you second guess yourself, have to involve your entire team before committing or don’t trust your instinct—you will lose the respect of your employees and may ruin the outcomes important projects.

There are several management competencies that make up a top performer. Here are 5 reasons why decision making skills are so important in management:

Saves Time

Managers are busy people—they supervise the workload of their entire department, if not company, by delegating, overseeing and leading by example.

Most leaders will tell you that they can do their job better if they had more time in the day.

One of the most useful benefits of being an excellent decision maker is saving time.

You know which decisions you can make just trusting your instinct, and which ones need some research first.

The ability to make educated, yet fast decisions will free up your time from overthinking!

Fosters Respect

Employees want a strong leader whom they can follow, and one way to impress your team is to show them how comfortable you are with making decisions.

If you give off the air of a confident, well-informed manager, your employees will feel good knowing they can trust their boss to steer them in the right direction!

Serves as Motivation

A leader’s primary job is to empower their staff to work as productively as they can.

When the workers see that their manager has great decision making skills, it gives them something to emulate as they grow in their professional positions.

Even if you “fake it til you make it,” giving off the idea that you are comfortable with making decisions until you really feel so, your employees will learn from you and become more independent workers who don’t need to come to you with every question.

Prevents Conflict

When a manager is not assertive and leaves too many decisions up to the staff, that can create conflict in the workplace.

A situation where employees don’t know which direction they are being led in, can result in too many players who are trying to take charge.

To prevent your employees from having to argue about how to do a project or which idea is better for your team, improve your decision-making skills and show them the way. Conflict management training can help as well.

Increases Productivity

All working professionals can attest to the frustration of a stalled task that cannot get approval from the management.

This slows down work and creates inefficiency.

However, when a boss can weigh the pros and cons of a task and provide a quick decision, it allows the employees to start working on it faster, thus increasing productivity.

Additional Decision Making Resources

Click below for some more tips and techniques on why decision making is so important and how to make an effective decision. 

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Making effective decisions is a popular topic in the Management Training programmes that we run. If you’re a leader and want to improve your management skills then please check out our FREE Online Management Course. It covers the essentials of management and leadership and will help you to make better informed decisions.

Another way to improve your decision making skills is to take a DISC profile or MBTI assessment which will provide you some insight and self-awareness as to how you make decisions and your personality traits.

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Updated on: 11 May, 2018

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