Top 5 Tips When Making A Big Decision

Businessman pressing yes, no or maybe buzzersAs humans, we can’t predict the future, and as such, we always take a chance when we make a decision.

We can’t know its outcome, so every choice leads to an unknown.

However, in the office, decisions can be crucial.

One bad decision can lead to lost productivity, a drop in sales or a hit to your brand reputation.

This is why it’s imperative to avoid making a bad decision whenever possible with these tips:

Don’t Rush Your Decision

Typical managers are so overwhelmed with the items on their to-do lists that they often try to cross them off without giving them much thought.

However, prioritising the important things is crucial to running your department productivity.

When it comes to the vital things, such as goal planning, dealing with important clients or settling a company-wide issue, give yourself the time to review the choices and come to an educated decision.

Listen to Your Gut

Although there are no guarantees when it comes to making a choice in one direction or another, you must listen to your gut instead of letting others persuade you.

Although it’s important to involve the team in the decision making process, ultimately, you have to trust your own judgement about the right course of action.

Make a Pros and Cons List

It can be difficult to process a big decision mentally, but it can be much easier to see it visually.

Make a pros and cons list of the possible outcomes of each choice.

Review each side and go with the math—the side that has more pros or more cons wins as the right direction.

Don’t Let Fear Win

Oftentimes, we make the decision that is less frightening and go with what we know rather than go into unchartered charetory.

However, innovation cannot happen from a place of fear.

Analyse your choices to make sure you’re not abstaining from going in a certain direction just because you’re scared.

Listen to Your Body

Some state that your body may help you make a decision when your mind is confused.

When I thought about accepting the offer, all the muscles in my body became tense, but when I imagined saying no, I felt a physical wave of relief,” a source stated.

Pause and listen to the signs from your body when it comes time to making a big decision.

Thanks again

Mark Williams

Senior Management Trainer and Consultant

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