6 Quick Steps On Creating A Killer Employee Development Plan

Strategy Development Goal MarkA manager will ask an employee to improve in certain areas, but a good manager will help the employee improve.

The first step in that process is creating an employee development plan, which is a blueprint that spells out the details of what behaviours or skills the staff needs to work on.

How do you create this type of plan?

We explain in this article.


Keep Your Business Needs In Mind

Effective leaders know how to align employee behaviours with the company’s goals.

Insperity offers the example of a company that is rapidly expanding needing more leaders.

Knowing this, a manager will help prospective candidates develop their leadership skills so that they can take on more responsibility.

Pick Three Behaviours

The most important part to keep in mind is that no person can change overnight.

Therefore, you can’t expect your staff to turn over a new leaf; instead, focus on three goals per review period, recommends Houston Chronicle.

Be Specific

The goals must be concise and measurable; asking your staff to try harder will not get you the results you seek.

Instead of directing your staff to be more productive, set the goal of increasing their productivity by ten percent over the next three months.

Use industry-specific software to track results.

Similarly, instead of asking your employee to take on more responsibility, assign them a specific team to oversee.

The clearer you are about the goals, the easier it will be for the person to understand and implement them.

Provide Help

Now that you and your staff are on the same page about what goals they will pursue, you must consider what is needed to help them improve.

They may need to attend classes, read books, complete online trainings or attend conferences.

You may need to create a mentorship programme at your office so that experienced employees can help newer ones develop their skills.

Provide Feedback

Employee development is a process that requires two people – you and the staff – to be involved.

While the worker will be trying their best to improve, you will need to observe their efforts and provide regular feedback.

Whether this person is excelling or failing behind, your participation is necessary to let them know you are aware of and invested in their success.

Ask For Input

Employee development is not just to benefit you and the company, but also the person themselves.

Ask for their input in what areas they want to improve in, and help them do so.

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Updated on: 17 August, 2016

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