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How To Create A Culture Of Accountability

Why is it so difficult to get my people to take full responsibility for results? This was a question one of my consultants faced when he was working with a client recently. (more…)

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Why Is Your Company Culture So Important & How Can You Build It?

Company culture is one of those ethereal things that sometimes gets mentioned and then dropped as a topic because it’s too big or too vague. And we can’t do much to influence it, so why spend time on it. (more…)

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5 Ways To Get Your Team To Live Your Values

Here, we are referring to your Company values, also known as corporate values or core values. These are the “fundamental beliefs upon which your business and its behaviour are based. They are the guiding principles that your business uses to manage its internal affairs as…

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How Do I Make Myself Promotable?

It’s often a fact that the very skills you have developed to get yourself to your current position in business may be the very skills and attributes that can hold your success back. These might include having too high a dependence on your specialist expertise,…

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Can You Fire Someone Without The Pain?

I was reading an article by Margaret Heffernan about how to fire someone. She says it’s important to manage the exit with dignity and kindness. Your ability to do so can hugely improve your standing in the business and actually raise morale. She learned this…

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Focus On Results Not Activity

What’s your main purpose in managing? After many years of deliberation, I believe it comes down to one main thing: the results or outcomes you achieve. Many managers we meet put a lot of emphasis on the activity they and their teams carry out. This…

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