The 3 Steps To Completing A Training Needs Analysis

Training Needs Analysis

Many businesses find it difficult to decide what training and development is needed and importantly what the benefit of any training would be to the business as a whole, departments, teams and individuals.

All too often this leads to training without impact, poor engagement by departments, teams and individuals and a limited return on investment, time and energy.

By introducing the simple yet highly effective process of a training needs analysis you will be able to determine all the training and development needed to enable your employees to complete and excel in their specific jobs.

What does a training needs analysis involve?

There are 3 key steps involved in training needs analysis to ensure your business is making the most of the process:

Decide on the Skill Sets

The first step is to decide on the skill sets that you require all your team members to have in order to do their jobs properly. This means looking at every job role within your business.

Evaluate the Skills of Staff

The second step is to look at all your team members and evaluate their current skill levels in relation to the skills you have laid out in the first step of this process. This will allow you to see who is meeting expectations, and who needs to complete further training in order to meet the expected skill level.

Highlight the Skills Gap

Now that you have identified where you want your employees and teams to be and their current level – you will be able to identify any skills gaps. Once you know where the skills gaps are you can plan your training.

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Updated on: 14 December, 2020

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